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          ISE, Inc.  -- Quality Products and Services Since 1946



          Electric Heating Elements

          ISE supplies a full range of all types and brands of electric heating elements for all industries. We have extensive application experience and a large inventory to assure you that the correct heating element can be quickly supplied for your application.




          Some Common Types of Elements Supplied by ISE, Inc.

          [Bullet] Band Heaters
          [Bullet] Cartridge Heaters
          [Bullet] Tubular Elements
          [Bullet] Screw Plug Immersion Heaters
          [Bullet] Flanged Immersion Heaters
          [Bullet] Circulation Heaters
          [Bullet] Cast Aluminum Heaters
          [Bullet] Silicone Rubber Heaters
          [Bullet] Enclosure Heaters
          [Bullet] High Temperature Ceramic Fiber Heaters
          [Bullet] Radiant Heaters
          Download our Heat-up Wattage Calculator

          ISE has the products and the experience to handle your next heater application. ISE has replacement heaters for most brands of industrial heating elements.  We can calculate your wattage requirements, recommend the proper controls, sensors, power handling devices, monitoring software & recorders and supply the complete engineered solution for your next project.


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