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          ISE Technical Data Reference Pages

          ISE's reference data pages include technical reference information on Thermocouples, PID Controls, Product Information and Calculators.

          Thermocouple Technical Reference

          Includes useful information on the proper application of thermocouples, definitions and international color codes

          PID Controller Technical Reference

          Includes PID definitions, and useful information for the proper use of process and temperature controls.

          Product Literature & Installation Manuals

          Includes product literature & operation manuals covering most of our products.

          Installation & Operation Manuals for Older and Obsolete Products.

          Includes operation manuals covering many of our products that are no longer in production.

          Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

          Additional information, not always included in other documentation.

          Electrical Calculators

          Compute Current, Wattage, Resistance in single and three phase circuits.

          Heat-Up Wattage Calculator

          Our popular program to easily estimate the wattage required to heat up numerous solid and liquid materials.  Calculations are quickly displayed for solids and tank applications of various constructions. Show effects of insulation etc.

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