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          ISE, Inc.  -- Quality Products and Services Since 1946



          ISE Company Profile

          ISE Provides Instrumentation, Variac (variable transformers), Electric Heating Elements, Sensors (Thermocouple, RTD Temperature Sensors, Proximity Sensors) and Engineered Process Control Solutions to Industry.

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          We further support our products through after the sale engineering support and through our highly qualified Repair and Service department. We have the capability to repair to the component level every product that we sell along with most competing products. If your process is down we can get it back and running very quickly with our low cost Expedited Repair Program.



          Variac Variable TransformersTemperature ControlsBand HeatersPanel Mount Variable TransformersIndustrial TimersProcess ControlsVariac TransformersPortable Variable Transformers

          Doing Business With

          We bill qualified accounts with Net 30 Days terms. Email or Fax (3) trade references (with phone numbers and fax numbers) and a bank to set up an account. Ohio customers that are tax exempt must fax or mail ISE a valid exemption certificate or we must charge sales tax. We also accept major credit cards shown below and ship COD.



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          ISE, Inc.
          10100 Royalton Rd.
          Cleveland, OH  44133 USA
          Tel: 440-237-3200 - Fax 440-237-1744
          Email ISE Email ISE Cleveland



          ISE, Inc. Privacy Policy

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          VARIAC? is the registered trademark of ISE, Inc.

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